Tips to distinguish bone straight hair extensions from natural hair

Bone straight hair extensions have become a product of great attraction to hair extension enthusiasts. The beauty of bone straight hair extensions comes from its shine and smoothness. However, how to distinguish bone straight hair extensions from natural straight?

What Are Bone Straight Hair Extensions?

Let’s become acquainted with the features of bone straight hair extensions before we go into the differences. The following are typical features of this product:

  • Shininess and a velvety smooth feel are two of the most distinctive qualities of bone straight hair extensions. This gives the appearance of durability and authenticity, much like that of actual human hair.
  • Colors including blue, red, blonde, ombre, and more have been successfully achieved by dying and bleaching the bone straight hair extensions. Currently, ombre hair extensions that are coloured from bone straight hair extensions are quite popular. Adding ombre coloring to your bone straight hair extensions can make them look more natural and stylish.
What Are Bone Straight Hair Extensions
  • Bone straight hair extensions can have many different hair types such as tape-in, tip-in, clip hair, etc. One of the most popular types of bone straight hair extensions are clip hair extensions. The convenience of clip hair combined with the smooth beauty of bone straight hair extensions creates the perfect hair extension.
  • Bone straight hair extensions are in high demand because of the wide range of available options in terms of quality, shade, and cost. Consequently, wholesalers of hair should not overlook bone straight hair extensions.

Differentiate between extensions that seem like they were made from bone and those that were grown that way. Now that we know what bone straight hair extensions are, let’s look for the ways in which they differ from their more common counterparts.

The parallels between bone straight hair extensions and naturally straight

Let’s talk about how bone straight hair extensions vary from natural straight ones.

  • As for how it seems: Bone straight hair extensions will seem more vibrant and robust than genuine straight hair if shown side by side in ideal lighting circumstances. Because more oil will be needed for the treatment of bone straight hair extensions, this is the case. Furthermore, even the straightest natural hair will not be as straight as the straightest hair extensions. Human hair is naturally straight, with some wave or curl to the shaft and ends. In contrast, bone straight hair extensions are so precisely pressed that they require no further straightening or processing before usage. It is also because of this feature of bone straight hair extensions that many people look to buy a lace frontal closure. Usually with lace frontal closures, the amount of hair is not much, so to achieve the most perfect beauty, bone straight hair extensions are the perfect choice.
  • Regarding the duration of production: Production times for bone straight hair extensions are often lengthier than those for naturally straight hair. The only preparation required for exporting naturally straight hair is a thorough cleaning and processing. However, bone straight hair extensions benefit from being soaked in an oil that enhances shine for a while before being delicately pressed.
  • About the cost: The cost of natural straight hair is significantly less than that of artificially straightened hair. Indeed, the improved quality and quality of bone straight hair extensions justifies the higher price tag.

Therefore, it is clear that bone straight hair extensions are superior to natural straight hair in terms of shape, completion time, and cost. What this means is that natural straight hair is the foundation for getting permanent bone straight hair extensions.

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You should now be able to tell the difference between bone straight hair extensions and natural straight hair extensions thanks to the information provided above. Feel free to leave a remark below or contact me personally via Whatsapp at +84 855 555 754 (Ms. Lily, Manager) if you have any queries.