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Take your time to understand more about Tricon house

In this article we will introduce you to the details of the 3D rendering process of the Tricon house project. Read this article now!

About Tricon house

This project is still part of one of those private house projects that we spent a lot of time on. hotel rendering project by K-Render.

Luxury but modern living room

Coming to this project, we hope you will have a broader and more in-depth look at 3D rendering services as well as the architecture industry.

  • About area: Tricon house has an area of ​​120 square meters. Includes a living room, a dining room/kitchen, 2 large bedrooms and other bathrooms and offices.
  • About space: the space of the house is a closed complex, not a high-rise apartment building. So the client wanted us to render the style and warmth of the Tricon house.
  • Regarding related documents: we had a discussion and talked with the customer to better understand the project. Besides, we also consulted customers about the details that need to be added and removed in this Tricon house project.

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The 3D rendering process of the Tricon house project

In this section we will talk about the working process and step-by-step rendering of a private house project.

Lighting of Tricon house

The first factor that we want to talk about is the light of the house. Lighting is the heart of a design. Next, light is divided into two types: artificial light, natural light. To be able to render the coziness that the client was asking for, K-Render’s architects chose natural light.

Furniture in the kitchen

We have used software like Corona, Vray with the latest versions in 2021. This will help improve the quality of Tricon house’s visualizations. Customers will feel the entire space of sophistication, luxury but still extremely comfortable in their house.

Interior materials of the house

The next factor is the best high-end interior design style materials, furniture, and decorations inside the house. These factors will be decided by the client before we start rendering.

Work and relax space of the house

We will have a duty to consult and make sure that the customer wants the material. Besides, we also don’t give the client too many revisions after each render step. Therefore, our customers are also extremely professional and consistent. They are polite workers and know how to listen to advice from experts.

Angles of each room inside the Tricon house

And finally, the angles of the rooms inside the house.

  • For the living room: we have provided the customer with 5 views. That is the minimum amount for a room with an area of ​​nearly 100 square meters.
  • For the dining room: because this room is adjacent to the living room, we also only provide 3 views for the kitchen.
  • For 2 large bedrooms: in order for customers to feel a cozy and comfortable space, we have tried to provide as many views as possible. That’s the amount of 7 views per bedroom. Including the view of the bed on the left, right, and other furniture inside the bedroom.
  • For other rooms of Tricon house: We also provide customers with at least 1-2 views for each room
Another view of Tricon living room

Customer feedback and conclusion



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