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Indian Cinnamon Unveiled Aromatic Delights from the Land of Spices

Step into the enchanting realm of Indian Cinnamon as we unveil its aromatic delights in this captivating blog post. Immerse yourself in the rich history and flavors of this spice, which originates from the land of spices itself. From its distinctive fragrance to its versatile culinary applications, we explore the essence of Indian Cinnamon and its profound impact on global gastronomy. 

1. Introduction to Indian Cinnamon

Below is the information about the history and distinctive features of Cinnamon from India that you should know. 

1.1. The History of Cinnamon in India A Time-Honored Tradition

In India, cinnamon has a vast history that dates back thousands of years. It came from Sri Lanka and traveled through commercial channels to reach India. Due to its pleasant temperature, Kerala developed into a prominent center for the cultivation of cinnamon. 

Due to its great value to international traders, the spice played a significant part in the economy. Since it enhances the flavor of both savory and sweet meals, cinnamon has become a crucial component in Indian cuisine. It played a significant role in conventional Ayurvedic medicine as well. Cinnamon is still widely produced and consumed in India today, and it continues to have cultural significance as a sign of warmth and tradition in Indian homes.

The History of Cinnamon in India A Time-Honored Tradition

1.2. The Distinctive Characteristic of Indian Cinnamon

The flavor of Indian cinnamon is complex and warm, with hints of citrus and floral notes. It is less pungent and more refined compared to other types of cinnamon, making it highly desirable in culinary applications where a gentle and nuanced flavor is desired.

Indian cinnamon also stands out due to its fragrant aroma. When ground or used as a whole spice, it releases a delightful and comforting scent that is both inviting and soothing. The aroma of Indian cinnamon is often described as sweet, woody, and slightly spicy, adding a distinct character to dishes and beverages.

Furthermore, Indian cinnamon is known for its thin and delicate bark, which can be easily crumbled or rolled into quills. The quills are light brown in color and have a textured appearance. This makes Indian cinnamon visually appealing and also convenient to use in cooking and baking.

Overall, the unique flavor, aroma, and visual qualities of Indian cinnamon contribute to its popularity and make it a prized spice in both traditional and modern Indian cuisine.

2. The updated price information of Indian cinnamon

According to Selina Wamucii, a global agricultural marketplace, the wholesale price range for Indian cinnamon in 2023 is between US$ 1.75 and US$ 5.95 per kilogram or between US$ 0.79 and US$ 2.7 per pound. However, it’s important to note that prices can vary depending on factors such as quality, location, and market demand.

Prices of spices, including wholesale price of Indian cinnamon, can vary depending on factors such as quality, grade, region, and market conditions. It would be best to check with local spice suppliers, markets, or online sources for accurate information.

The updated price information of Indian cinnamon

3. How to source the high-quality Indian cinnamon

To source high-quality Indian cinnamon, you can consider the following steps:

  • Consider the origin: Indian cinnamon is often referred to as Ceylon cinnamon or true cinnamon. Sri Lanka is renowned for producing high-quality cinnamon, so look for suppliers that specifically source their cinnamon from Sri Lanka or reputable regions in India known for cinnamon production, such as Kerala.
  • Assess the appearance: High-quality cinnamon typically has a thin and delicate bark that is easily crumbled or rolled into quills. Look for cinnamon sticks with a light brown color and a textured appearance. Avoid sticks that are too thick or have rough surfaces.
  • Smell and taste: Cinnamon should have a pleasant, sweet, and aromatic scent. If possible, try to smell and taste a small piece before making a purchase. High-quality cinnamon will have a delicate and subtly sweet flavor with hints of citrus and floral notes.

Research reputable suppliers: Look for reliable spice suppliers or specialty stores that have a reputation for providing high-quality spices. Online platforms, local markets, and gourmet stores can be good places to start your search. Find out more about reliable Indian cinnamon suppliers at here:



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