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How to Match Bag And Shoes For A Trendy Look

You have no idea how to match bag and shoes for trendy look and feel comfortable on weekdays, elegant look while attending special occassions. Read this post to discover tips to match bag and shoes to level-up your look.

1. Tips to match bag and shoes with different colors

To level-up your look, you need to know how to mix and match with different color. So, we’ve some suggestions to help your create a fashionable outfit ever!

1.1.Match bag and shoes: tone-sur-tone

Bag and shoes of the same hue give a monochromatic look.

Match bag and shoes: tone-sur-tone
  • An easy way to mix and match when you confused with many color in your wardrobe and your outfit’s still look chic.
  • If you want to hoghlight your monochrome oufit, you can wear sliver or gold jewelry. A luxury look was created!

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1.2. Match bag and shoes: Colorful bag and simple shoes

If you don’t have a shoes and bag at the same hues, don’t worry! You just need to have a simple shoes like white or black shoes and any colorful bags you like!

Match bag and shoes: Colorful bag and simple shoes
  • The color contrast between the shoes and the bag gives the outfit a vibrant and attractive appearance.
  • Reduce the color tones of the clothing when matching the bag and shoes in this way to avoid the eyes from being confused and the viewer from feeling uncomfortable.
  • When matching bag and shoes in this way, your outfit fits to walking around on a lovely day or meeting with friends on the weekend.

1.3. Match bag and shoes with animal skin pattern

Leopard skin, python skin,.. are always trendy in any season. However this pattern is not easy to match bag and shoes with people don’t know to play with this match. But don’t worry, Women Bags World’s right here to make this match easier!

Match bag and shoes with animal skin pattern
  • A solid-colored clothing can be paired when match bag and shoes. It’s a safe recipe for those who love animal pattern.
  • This way to match bag and shoes will bring luxurious look and noble and it’s suitable for big ceremonies.
  • However, using products made of animal skin will have an impact on the global animal population. This concept is discouraged and not preferred.
  • It is a two-edged blade that, if you can’t control it, can make you look rustic or help you become fashionable.

Maybe you are into:

1.4. Match bag and shoes with black handbag.

  • When mentioning the easiét color to mix, we immediately think of black.
  • Because black can be mixed with every other color tone, choosing a bag and shoes to go with it is super easy.
  • Ladies can match black bags with items like dresses, skirts, toys, and business attire. For office ladies in particular, the black handbag will make you look more elegant and classy.

1.5. Match bag and shoes with white handbag

Another simple color to mix and match everything in your wardrobe is white.
Choosing dark clothing that contrasts with the bag is the key to mixing and matching with a white handbag.

Match bag and shoes with white handbag
  • This highlights both the bag and the overall outfit. Most girls have at least one white purse that is entirely theirs. However, the white bag is pretty simple to dirty, so please take care.

2. Notes on how to match bag and shoes beautifully

To put together a chic and unique appearance, you don’t need to purchase new items. All I need is a new bag. But finding shoes that go with the purse is not always simple. Here are some tips on how to match bag and shoes beautifully.

2.1. Matching bag and shoes during the week:

  • The backpack has adequate space to fit necessities.
  • Shoes and bags that are practical for both work and leisure are available in a variety of hues.
  • Shoes and luggage are strong enough to be used frequently.

2.2. Matching bag and shoes in the marriage ceremony:

  • Restricted black gamut, elegant color gamut, or red gamut
  • Avoid wearing clothing and accessories with strong colors.

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