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Hair distributors in Nigeria: the golden country to get wealthy

Hair distributors in Nigeria have become the leading firms with profitability in the top ten because Nigeria is the world’s largest consumer of human hair, accounting for around half of the market volume. Let’s discover more about them if you want to start your hair company.

Hair distributors in Nigeria in a nutshell

Based on the features of the hair they supply, here are some crucial details concerning hair distributors in Nigeria.

Who are the hair distributors in Nigeria

  • Because Nigerian women’s hair is short, tangled, and unsuitable for shaping, hair distributors in Nigeria must purchase hair, primarily from Asian nations (Vietnam, China, and India), which is why they are known as hair distributors.
  • In Nigeria, the majority of hair wholesalers are Asian hair companies, which offer both synthetic and natural hair for anything from wigs to extensions.
  • Recently, a number of hair manufacturers have started to pop up in Nigeria, acquiring hair from Asia and then processing it for selling in Nigeria and other African nations, but the quantity is small and the quality of the hair is poor due to a lack of manufacturing experience.
Hair distributors in Nigeria-the golden country to get wealthy

Hair distributors in Nigeria have a number of distinguishing characteristics

  • Africans prefer wavy hair, such as Kinky, or bone straight hair in simple black or colorful hues, such as red, pink, orange, and ombre…
  • Afro hairstyles, which are highly popular worldwide, originated in Nigeria and Africa. Nigerian women alter their hairstyles on a regular basis, necessitating the ability of hair distributors in Nigeria to shape and bleach hair effectively.
  • Hair is a source of prosperity in Nigeria, hence the cost of hair from Nigerian hair dealers is not inexpensive. Furthermore, while importing hair, hair distributors in Nigeria must pay a variety of taxes ranging from a few tens of percent to many tens of percent, rendering hair more costly.
  • Companies who produce their own hair, in addition to hair distributors in Nigeria, face a slew of taxes and levies because they also buy hair from outside, which isn’t cheap. However, when compared to hair wholesalers in other continents, such as the United Kingdom or the United States, the costs in Nigeria are still relatively affordable.
The features of hair distributors in Nigeria

Pros and downsides of buying hair from hair distributors in Nigeria

In Nigeria, hair distributors are now experiencing both perks and cons. Here are some of the most important points we’ve gathered and analyzed.

Pros of buying hair from hair distributors in Nigeria

  • Due to geographical location, buying hair from the wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria with domestic consumers will be speedier and less expensive than buying hair from nations outside Africa.
  • Benefits of transactional language: Because Africa is a culturally and spiritually diverse continent, numerous languages are spoken.
  • Many countries have made Arabic, French, and Spanish their official languages, making communication with clients from other countries challenging. However, because English is the official language in Nigeria, it is much easier to connect with hair distributors there.
The pros of importing items from hair distributors in Nigeria

Cons of ordering hair from hair distributors in Nigeria

  • Because hair distributors in Nigeria charge such high fees, your resale price will have to be considerably higher. This is inconvenient because the industry is currently relatively open, allowing hair suppliers from all over the world to enter the market at a lower price. You can’t sell too cheaply to compete, but hair distributors in Nigeria charge hefty prices, reducing your revenues.
  • Quality control is tough: Purchasing hair from a variety of sources makes it difficult for hair distributors in Nigeria to measure and assess the quality, especially given the country’s weak managerial capabilities.
  • Because hair distributors in Nigeria don’t have a lot of capital, they don’t have a lot of inventory. As a result, if the hair distributor in Nigeria is really out of supply, you may have to delay from a few days to a month.
  • In addition to being reliant on supply, Nigerian and other African countries’ import rules change often, causing the price of hair from hair wholesalers in Nigeria to fluctuate. It will be difficult to create a business plan as a result of this.

5S Hair Factory – the greatest hair distributors for Nigerian market

5S Hair Factory is one of Vietnam’s best hair factories and a suitable choice for hair distributors in Nigeria.

  • Because 5S Hair Factory is Vietnam’s first hair extension factory, you can place your faith in their brand and experience. 5S Hair Facility operates its own factory, assuring that the hair provided is 100 percent high-quality hair from Vietnamese women, free of dangerous chemicals and not blended with fibers or fur.
  • 5S Hair exports almost 1 ton of the wholesale hair extensions to Nigerian hair distributors every month, representing half of total exports. If you wish to become a hair distributor in Nigeria, 5S Hair will help you every step of the way, from payment to delivery, and will ensure that you get the greatest currency rate in Vietnam.
5S Hair Factory
  • 5S Hair has the best price in Vietnam, and it’s far less expensive than having straight hair from hair distributors in Nigeria.
  • 5S Hair, in instance, has a Nigerian bank account, as well as its own delivery agency and the best foreign currency rate, guaranteeing that customers are completely delighted with the simplicity and benefits.
  • The product, price, and support of this Vietnamese hair manufacturer have been highly praised by hair dealers, salons, and wholesalers in Nigeria who have worked with 5S Hair. Customers who pick 5S Hair Factory over other hair wholesalers in Nigeria will not be disappointed.
5S Hair Factory – the best Vietnamese vendor for human hair


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