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12 Hair Care Secrets That Will Leave You With Healthier Hair

When you get hair troubles for such a long time, what are you doing for the next, looking for hair treatment or reflecting your hair care routine? In case you promptly figure out the luxury treatment and are still curious about its performance, spend your time on this blog to apply some hair care secrets that no one told you in the past! 

  • Apply proper shampoo

Using shampoos which contain toxic or chemical ingredients lead to significant hair damage. It is advised to apply natural or organic hair shampoos with sulfate- free ingredients to enhance hair texture, clean your hair, reduce hair breakage and boost the hair volume. 

  • Get specific conditioner

The vital step after cleaning your hair is definitely conditioner to confirm the shine, smooth and gorgeousness of every hair strand. Conditioning your hair properly to work out the best. 

  • Brush hair before shampooing 

It doesn’t take much time to detangle hair before applying shampoo. When your hairstyle is smooth, it will create a favorable condition for nutrient absorption of hair strands. Especially when you are having bangs or learning how to style curtain bangs to style one for yourself, this step will become pretty important to keep the bangs detangled.

  • Nourish your hair with essential nutrients

Essential nutrients, that means protein, zinc, omega 3, vitamins, or something like that we consume everyday through a variety of fruits and foods. Feeding your hair daily will help hair thrive. 

  • Spend time for hair masks 

One effective method to guarantee the hydration and moisture for hair is a hair mask. It is easy to look for natural ingredients for hair masks, such as eggs, honey, olive oil, avocado, and etc. 

  • Wash up and brush up rule 

The standard rules applied to washing hair and brushing here are mentioned as below: 

  • Twice a day is the maximum limitation to wash hair. 
  • Use the right amount of shampoo and conditioner to cover hair completely. 
  • It is better to dry hair naturally without the support of blow dryers. 
  • Not rubbing too harsh with a towel for wet hair. Detangle with a wide-tooth comb when your hair is nearly dry. 
  • Limit sun exposure 

Obviously, UV rays from the sun can damage the hair texture as much. Using a leave-in conditioner every other day from mid-shaft to ends of hair to avoid sun damage, according to hair experts. 

  • Be careful with heat 

To be honest, hair machines have become a must- have items for almost all girls for restyling hairstyles. If you have to use  hot tools, including blow dryer, curling irons, hot rollers, and etc, make sure you apply a spray-in heat protectant to avoid the hair troubles. You also ought to watch more famous hairstylists on Youtube to check out lists for this issue.

  • Sleep on silk materials 

The materials that not only have a negative effect on your skin, but it is totally true for hair texture. The smooth texture won’t have the ability to rough up your hair cuticle, compared to cotton or fiber materials. 

  •  Avoid stress

Do you have any idea that emotional factors, of this, stress is the primary cause for hair loss? Try to minimize stress as much as possible if you desire healthy hair for such a long time. 

  • Use lukewarm, not hot water 

This is a well-known secret, but it’s not easy to master. If you can break this tendency, washing your hair with warm water is not only healthy for your health, but it also makes your hair and scalp “fragrant” and might irritate and dry up your scalp. 

  •  Massage the scalp 

Prevent gray hair and hair loss by improving blood circulation. Scalp massage can assist enhance blood circulation by stimulating blood capillaries on the scalp, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach the brain, thus hair growth is aided by enhanced scalp blood circulation, which helps to prevent gray hair and hair loss.



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